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A cornerstone of Coral Fabrics is Performance Upholstery led by our Palisades and Pinnacle collections ...


Palisades fabrics include long color lines of woven and printed Crypton that are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, bleach cleanable with a 10% solution, and provide the moisture barrier required for Healthcare. These textiles have a soft hand, rich textural feel, generally pass 100,000 double rubs and are FR.

Palisades 17 Collection

Palisades 17 is a curated group of color coordinated patterns that are both Contemporary and Transitional. This Collection has six patterns in nine color families that will work well together in any Healthcare or Institutional environments. All of the fabrics in this Collection are highly durable and are bleach cleanable with the Alta + Durablock Healthcare finishes.

Palisades 16

Inspired by a city that never sleeps, the Palisades 16 Collection bridges the gap between vintage and modern designs. With three distinctive patterns available in eight families of colors, this collection will add warmth and personal style to any Contract environment while maintaining all of our high performance standards.


Pinnacle fabrics are bleach cleanable barrier upholsteries that offer Nano-Tex stain and DuraBlock moisture barrier protection - high performance technologies that are engineered for tough Healthcare environments and last the lifetime of the fiber. Truly the Pinnacle of Performance, these textiles can be cleaned with all-purpose cleaners, a 15% bleach solution or with Virex and Oxivir (peroxide cleaning solutions); they pass 100,000 double rubs and are FR.

Pinnacle III Collection

The Pinnacle III Collection continues our tradition of High Performance Bleach Cleanable fabrics. This high styled, multi colored, jacquard group of fabrics has been designed to work in all Healthcare and Medical environments with an array of six color familes on each pattern.

Pinnacle II Collection

The Pinnacle II Collection is our second introduction of Bleach Cleanable fabrics. This Collection consists of a total of 50 proprietary SKU's in an array of brightly colored groups.

Pinnacle Collection

Coral is proud to launch its first High Performance Bleach Cleanable / Barrier Program. With more-and-more emphasis being put on Infectious Control in the Healthcare sector, we felt it was timely to launch our first Bleach Cleanable Collection with Nano-Tex + DuraBlock. This new collection is the Pinnacle of Performance and can be cleaned with "All Purpose" cleaners as well as a 15% Bleach Solution; Virex, and Oxivir (a Peroxide Cleaning Solution) in intense Healthcare environments. Please note all fabrics in this exclusive collection comply with 100,000 Double Rubs.