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Coral offers Snap-it-Up - a modular privacy curtain system that ensures savings on initial installation, replacement and on-going laundry costs. One-size-fits-all 68” x 68” fabric panels available in over 100 fabrics (or COM) fit on most existing tracks and carriers, for use throughout the facility. Fabric panels snap easily onto various lengths x 68” mesh panels that are anti-microbial, help to neutralize odors in the air and can be adjusted to suit different height requirements.
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We are so confident in the quality of our advanced cubicle curtain panel system, we stand behind it with a one year warranty on workmanship and materials. Our curtains will stand the test of time.

All of our curtains are made to the highest quality standards and meet or exceed all nationally recognized fire codes. If your project requires one curtain or hundreds of curtains we have the capability and product knowledge to make sure your project is done right, on time, and in budget.

Our system benefits and highlights include:

One Size for All – uniform panel size means reduced costs including inventory, laundry, and labor costs

Infection Control – our advanced bacteriostatic anti-microbial technology prevents bacterial reproduction, which also helps to neutralize odors in the air

Flexibility – with the standard panel size, you only have to remove the soiled panel, replace just the one panel with one of the standard set. All without the use of a ladder.

Stress Free Patient Environment – with our range of attractive and calming fabric panels, the patient is cocooned in a soothing stress free environment.


In today’s budget-conscious health care environment, there has been a growing recognition that health care administrators are interested in controlling costs and clinical outcomes, while delivering superior patient care.

The Snap It Up modular cubicle curtain system delivers:

  • Substantial savings on installation labor and laundry costs
  • One size fits all fabric panels are 68" wide x 68" long and can be used throughout the facility. Curtain length variation is achieved by varying the mesh height.
  • Panels can be changed out without the use of a ladder or maintenance crew
  • The system works with most existing tracks and carriers, no retrofitting is necessary.
  • All mesh is antimicrobial and is produced in 68" wide panels which are overlapped on the track carriers. This makes installation easier and more flexible. It also facilitates the replacement and cleaning of the mesh panels.
  • Protective antimicrobial vinyl liners can be added to the back of the fabric panels with our Velcro system.
  • The snaps are hidden between the mesh and fabric panels. This gives the privacy curtains a more sophisticated/designer appearance.
  • The banding around the mesh panel is a soft fabric tape which makes the curtain drape-able and less likely to flare when stacked (opened).
  • Spares and re-orders on fabric and mesh panels are easy and less expensive than purchasing entire spare sets of cubicle curtains.


The Snap It Up system is comprised of the following 3 elements:

1.TRACK Existing or new track and carrier system.
2.MESH PANEL Mesh upper panel that connects to the track
and panel system.
3.FABRIC PANEL Standard fabric panels attached with snaps.


The system works with most existing tracks and carrier systems deployed in healthcare facilities.

No expensive and time consuming
retrofitting is necessary.


Mesh Top  
    Dimensions 18” x 68”
(NOTE can be customized)
    Material 100% Inherent Fire Resistant nylon mesh with Bacshield anti-microbial treatment.
    Attachment 13 non-rusting nickel plated brass Grommets @ 6” intervals
    Dimensions 68” x 68”  
    Material 100% Inherent Fire Resistant polyester
    Fabric Weight 10—12 oz/yd 280—340 g/m2
    Washable 10—12 oz/yd 280—340 g/m2
Panels Patterns— panels can be supplied from a selection of over 100 designer inspired fabrics or COM. Our fabrics create a warm and stress reducing environment.
Panel Color—each pattern has a full range of color selection to
complement the design of the patient cubical.


Full range of color selection »


Material / Environmental Specifications

  Inherent Flame Resistance YES  
  Microbial Resistant YES  
Flamability Flammability
Passes NFPA 701 - 2004 Edition Test Method #1
Crocking Crocking
(Color transfer test):
Passes AATCC 8
Colorfastness Color Fastness To Light Passes AATCC 16E
Physical Properties Residual Shrinkage Passes AATCC 96-2004
Physical Properties Seam Slippage Passes ASTM D-3597


Anti-microbial Treatment

The non leaching anti-microbial treatment is effective against MRSA, gram positive and gram negative bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, and algae. The treatment effectively reduces odors and states caused by microbes, thus extending the life of the fabric.

The anti-microbial treatment is durable for the life of the fabric. The treatment contains no arsenic, tin, lead, antimony, heavy metals, or polychlorinated phenols. It will not migrate or rub off.

The treatment is also biodegradable when disposed of. Thus environmentally friendly.


The anti-microbial treatment not only
protects your patients and staff, it protects
your investment and the environment.



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